The Sinnema family name originated in the province of Friesland in The Netherlands. There are four families that have the name Sinnema, but the most numerous and largest began in Oudkerk. Members of this family also have derivatives of the name: Sinema and Sennema. Those with the name Sinema reside in the United States. Those with the name Sennema reside mainly in Groningen Province and in the United States.

    Included in the following pages is the genealogy from the first known Oudkerker Sinnema's in the 1550's until about 1900. I have attempted to include all descendants, including those that had emigrated from The Netherlands.

    Please also see the family crest and other historical information.

    In June 2007, a book containing all of the genealogical information and other interesting data has been published. Please review some excerpts from the book, Sinnema: A Frisian Family. Copies are available for purchase for interested parties.